Murni Sianturi

Murni Sianturi

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Social Sciences

Supervisors: Jung-Sook Lee, Terry Cumming, Iva Strnadova

Research Experience

Led over 16 research projects, managing projects and teams. Employed diverse research methods, including action research, case study, ethnography, Indigenous methodology, phenomenology, quantitative, and mixed methods. Applied critical decolonising, Indigenising, and culturally responsive theories. Some studies were conducted as follows:

  • February 2020 – present: Technology and family-school partnerships.
  • December 2021 – June 2022: A narrative review of the use of technology in home-school partnerships.
  • March – November 2021: A systematic review of Indigenous parental engagement.
  • May – August 2021: Using technology in home-school partnerships during Covid-19.
  • January – July 2019: Indigenous students' cognitive styles and mathematics academic outcomes.
  • January – July 2019: Indigenous students' cognitive styles and mathematical story problems.
  • July – December 2018: Developing an integrative media for primary students.
  • September 2017 – February 2018: Developing a picture storybook for Indigenous West Papuan students.
  • April – July 2017: Research on fundamental mathematics ability of Indigenous West Papuans pre-service teachers.
  • July – September 2015: Ethnography study on Indigenous ways of educating.
  • March – September 2015: Developing a curriculum entitled Who is Papuan.

Work Experience

  • March 2023 – April 2023: Teaching Assistant, School of Social Sciences, University of New South Wales.
  • August 2014 – January 2015: Teaching Assistant, Department of Curriculum Design, National Dong Hwa University.
  • October 2022: Research Assistant, School of Social Sciences, UNSW.
  • September 2016 – August 2019: Lecturer, Department of Education, Musamus University.

Awards and Grants

  • Won excellent research output awards from the Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture (ADA), UNSW (2022 and 2023), and Musamus University (2017 and 2018).

Project Funding

  • • Won HDR Essential Research Scheme grant from ADA, UNSW (2021)
  • • Won journal articles grant from the School of Social Sciences, UNSW (2021)
  • • Won two research projects funding from Musamus University (2017 and 2018)

Scholarship Funding

  • Won prestigious Scientia scholarship funding for PhD study at the School of Social Sciences, UNSW (February 2020 – Present)
  • Won scholarship funding for Master of Education study at the Department of Curriculum Design and Human Potentials Development, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan (February 2014 – 2016).

Speaking Engagement and Workshops

  • Presented six invited speeches (4 keynotes and 2 plenary sessions), delivered eight refereed conference presentations, and facilitated five workshops.

Invited Presentations

  • Radio Interview: "Relevant Education for Papuan Children and Building Effective Collaborations with Papuan Parents", hosted by RRI Merauke, Papua, on 20 September 2023.
  • Seminar : "Incorporating Indigenous knowledge, culture, language and traditions into curricula” at the Training for Students in the Community Service Program of the Independent Campus Initiative, organised by Musamus University, on 22 September 2023.
  • Webinar: “Discovering Your Purpose” at a youth gathering organised by the Indonesian Youth Community, Sydney, in October 2022.

Refereed Conference Presentations

  • Oral presentation: "Shifting the belief of the “hard-to-reach parents” to “reachable parents”: parent-teacher collaboration within schools in a post-colonial country at the Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA) Annual Conference 2023, Sydney, Australia (July 2023).
  • Online presentation: "The use of technology to support collaboration between schools and Indigenous parents: a narrative review at the 8th IAFOR International Conference on Education (IICE2023), Honolulu, Hawaii, United States (January 2023).
  • Oral presentation: "Partnerships between Indigenous parents and schools: a systematic review at the World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Education (WIPCE), Adelaide, Australia (September 2022).
  • Indigenous Education
  • Sociology of Education
  • Educational Technology and Computing
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development

Authored four books, 16 peer-reviewed articles (8 in prestigious journals, 5 in Q1, 2 in Q2, and 1 in Q4 journals), eight conference proceedings, and one research-based media article. Here are some of the notable works.


  • Sianturi, M. (2019). Geometri dan Pengukuran di Pendidikan Dasar (Geometry and Measurement in Primary Education). Bandung: Alfabeta.
  • Sianturi, M., & Hurit, A.A. (2018). Easy Math: Senangnya Belajar Perkalian di Kampung Wendu. (Easy Math: How wonderful to learn multiplication in the Wendu village). Bandung: Alfabeta.
  • Sianturi, M., et al. (2017). Menyelami Keberagaman Membangun Perdamaian: Refleksi Live in Papua (Diving into Diversity to Build Peace: Reflections on Live in Papua). Yogyakarta: CRCS.

Peer-reviewed Articles

Research-based Media Article