Nizar Hoblos

Nizar Hoblos

PhD Student


Nizar comes from Technology Engineering background and has worked in the ICT and adjacent industries for more than 23 years. Nizar Led multiple cross-functional teams starting from Design Engineering, Portfolio Management, Consulting, Strategy & Innovations and Digital Transformation, achieving Business Excellence and Innovative Leadership with the Business Transformation of diverse vertical industries using Advance Information Technologies(AIT). Nizar is very active in the development of Advanced Information Technologies and Leadership Innovation space at the intersection between Technology and Social Innovations. Business transformation and modelling for the rollout of smart everything (smartX, incl. Smart Cities) across all industries and stakeholders is one of Nizar’s key area of research interest and development for both public and private sectors.

Additionally Nizar has interest to develop and implement a model for interactive relationships between Leadership and Continuous Innovation.

Research Area

Business Transformation in Smart Cities and Advance Information Technologies with the aim to identify the nature (e.g. transformative) and extent (e.g. disruptive) of the impact (e.g. digital divide) created by the introduction and adoption of Advanced Information Technologies (such as the Internet of Things [IoT], Full Automation M2M, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence [AI], Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality [VR/AR] and 5th Generation Mobile Systems [5G], etc...) on the emerging business models (with value creation) of Public/Private organizations.

Nizar is serving on the management team of UNSW Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Network and is a member of the Future City Advisory Panel for local NSW Councils.

Research Interest

Technology & Social Innovations

Leadership & Creation of the “Innovation Factory” concept

Smart Everything (Smart X)

Business & Digital Transformation

Design and Action Research for Strategy & Impact

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Room 1022 Quadrangle Building – Ref E15