Shannon Harvey

Shannon Harvey

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
Social Policy Research Centre

Supervisors: Christy Newman, Kylie Valentine, Anthony Smith

Shannon Harvey (they/them) is a part time PhD candidate in the Social Policy Research Centre. Their doctoral research engages research as a tool of transformation, using participatory approaches to trouble the gender binary in family violence responses, through the lens of the experiences of people of non-binary genders and agender people.

Shannon has worked in the community sector in Australia, the UK and the US for nearly 20 years and is currently Director, Impact Data & Evaluation at The Benevolent Society. Their research and advocacy work has focused on gender-based violence, homelessness, substance use and mental health.

Disruptive Bodies: Interrogating the Gender Binary in Family Violence Policy and Practice
Keywords: domestic and family violence; gender; queer studies; participatory research; applied sociology
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