Soniya Rijal

Soniya Rijal

PhD Student
Business School
School of Management and Governance

Soniya Rijal is a committed PhD candidate and casual academic at the UNSW School of Management and Governance. She is inspired to pursue research in the areas of organizational paradoxes, social entrepreneurship, and Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) entrepreneurship. Soniya's research is focused on understanding how organizations can effectively manage competing elements such as profit and social missions, long-term versus short-term goals, and global versus local culture to achieve a positive social impact. Her current work on Nepalese microfinance institutions aims to shed light on how interwoven concepts of social and commercial within global models of microfinance are interpreted and practiced in local contexts. By bringing her five years of experience working in the non-profit sector to research and academia, Soniya is deeply committed to advancing knowledge on entrepreneurship development in improvised communities.

PhD Candidate, UNSW Sydney

Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Texas Woman's University (TWU)

Masters and Bachelor of Health Care Management, Pokhara University