Zhefei Wang

Zhefei Wang

PhD Candidate
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Humanities & Languages

Supervisors: Sandra Hale, Ludmila Stern

Zhefei Wang is a PhD candidate at UNSW Sydney. Her PhD project focuses on interpreting services provided at the migration and refugee review hearings at the Administrative Appeal Tribunal of Australia.

Prior to her PhD study, she worked as a full-time admin staff in charge of international inter-collegiate collaboration at Beijing Foreign Studies University, after she graduated from the same University with a Master's degree in English<->Mandarin interpreting.

Being an accredited Mandarin-English conference interpreter, she has been registered as an individual translator and interpreter at the World Bank Beijing Office. She has also interpreted for other organizations and enterprises, including the Beijing Dance Academy, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, the Ministry of Agriculture of China, etc.

Apart from interpreting practice, she also has teaching experience in both China (at the Beijing Sports University) and Australia (at UNSW College).

Interpreting and translation studies


  • Wang, Z. (2023) Translated work: Platform Delusion by Jonathan A. Knee. Beijing: China Translation and Publishing House.
  • Wang, Z. (2021) A Corpus-based Analysis on the Image of Confucius Institutes (2015-2020). in Collected Papers of the Development of Confucius Institutes. FLTRP: Beijing.

Reserach Grants

  • Wang, Z. (2021) A Comparative Study on MTI Curriculum Provision of Universities in China and the UK. Sponsor: Center for Language Education and Cooperation, Ministry of Education, China.

Conference Presentations

  • Wang, Z. (2023) “Asking for clarifications if needed”—But how? Interpreters’ clarification-seeking efforts in migration review hearings in Australia. Presented at the 36th AUSIT (Australian Institute for Translators and Interpreters) National Conference 2023. Sydney, Australia.
  • Wang, Z. (2023) The right to be understood: Decision-making based on interpreted oral evidence in migration and refugee review hearings. Presented at the 2023 Emerging Scholars Network Workshop (Kaldor Center for International Refugee Law). UNSW Sydney, Australia.
  • Wang, Z. (2021) A Comparative Study on MTI Curriculum Provision of Universities in China and the UK. Paper presented at the Symposium on the First-class Translation and Interpreting Major Development in the New Era. Zhejiang University: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.