Elijah Tyedmers

Mr Elijah Tyedmers

Research Assistant
BSc(Medical Science)
Medicine & Health
School of Population Health


Elijah is a PhD candidate and research assistant working within the implementation science hub. Elijah provides general administrative support as a research assistant on the ALIGN project, a CINSW funded translational program research grant led by A/Prof David Zeigler, to design, test, and implement new treatment for hard-to-treat childhood cancer. ALIGN aims to support healthcare professionals to navigate the complexities of providing care to children with a hard-to-treat cancer diagnosis, including the evaluation and scale-up of a tripartite of resources. His thesis focuses on the design, implementation, evaluation and scale-up of two of these resources and is supervised by Scientia A/Prof Natalie Taylor and Dr Carolyn Mazariego. Elijah has previously provided administrative support for the PHCM9791 Implementation Science course. 


+61 2 9348 1245

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    Journal articles | 2019

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