Skye McKay
Research Officer

Ms Skye McKay

BSc (Biomedical) (Hons) MSc (Genetic Counselling)
Medicine & Health
School of Population Health


I am a Research Officer working within the School of Population Health Implementation science team. I help to coordinate multi-site studies, conduct clinician interviews and focus groups, and contribute to the development, implementation and monitoring of site-specific interventions.

I am currently working on the ALIGN and ENGAGE projects with colleagues at SCHN and will soon be involved with P-OMICs-flow. I have 2 years’ experience as an implementation lead and over 6 years’ experience as a clinical researcher, managing large patient cohorts and genomic datasets. I am also a trained associate genetic counsellor, with clinical experience in familial cancer and prenatal care.

A selection of my journal articles is below. See more research publications on Google Scholar.


+61 2 9348 1391

  • Journal articles | 2022

    Steinberg, J., Chan, P., Hogden, E. et al. Lynch syndrome testing of colorectal cancer patients in a high-income country with universal healthcare: a retrospective study of current practice and gaps in seven Australian hospitals. Hered Cancer Clin Pract 20, 18 (2022).

    Journal articles | 2019

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    Journal articles | 2017

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    Journal articles | 2016

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    Journal articles | 2015

    Chantrill, L. A., Nagrial, A. M., Watson, C., et al. Precision medicine for advanced pancreas cancer: The individualized molecular pancreatic cancer therapy (IMPaCT) Trial. Clin Cancer Res, 21(9) (2015), 2029-2037.

    Journal articles | 2014

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