MI-CRE publications

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Below are a selection of key papers published by MI-CRE researchers

Optimising the availability and use of real world data and real world evidence to support health technology assessment in Australia


Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination against COVID-19 specific and all-cause mortality in older Australians: a population based study


Geographic variation in sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor and glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist use in people with type 2 diabetes in New South Wales, Australia


Medicine utilization studies in Australian individual-level dispensing data: a blinded, multi-center replicated analysis


The Medicines Intelligence Centre of Research Excellence: co-creating real-world evidence to support the evidentiary needs of Australian regulators and payers


Parity in female authorship in Australian pharmacoepidemiology research leveraging medicine dispensing data: How well are we doing?


Five-year trajectories of prescription opioid use

Generating real-world evidence on the quality use, benefits and safety of medicines in Australia: history, challenges and a roadmap for the future

The impact of tightened prescribing restrictions for PBS-subsidised opioid medicines and the introduction of half-pack sizes, Australia, 2020-21: an interrupted time series analysis