• Term 1 timetable is the schedule of classes which are held during the first standard UNSW teaching term of 10 weeks. Term 1, 2023 runs from 13 February – 21 April 2022.  All courses offered in Term 1 will run during this period for both internal and distance students. Some classes may have a workshop component which students will need to attend online or on campus one week before term begins during 6 February – 10 February. 


Amendments to timetable/course cancellations

Amendments to timetable

Course timetables are subject to change. We try to minimise any changes but sometimes this is unavoidable. Should there be a timetable change (time or venue) this will be communicated through your UNSW email. Please check this regularly in the lead up to the start of terms.

Course cancellations

We also try to minimise the complete cancellation of courses. If we do cancel a course, we attempt to advise students with as much notice as possible and with other course options that might be available. Please note we will only run courses if they have a minimum of 20 enrolments.

Please note: Timetables are subject to change. Please check back regularly for updates.