Professor Graham Davies has taken up his new role as the Dean of Engineering.

Previously the Chance Professor and Executive Dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Birmingham, Professor Davies wants to see UNSW as a major player on the world scene.

"I think where I can really contribute is on research and looking to further our interdisciplinary research links - that's where I believe the major breakthroughs will be," he says.

"When you take an interdisciplinary approach it also has a positive effect on teaching: it feeds through from the research side into the quality of the teaching and keeps it leading edge. It's about re-engineering engineering for tomorrow's world."

Professor Davies sees Engineering as the subject of the future.

"Engineering is going to have a fantastic part to play in all the big problems the world faces: global warming, energy supplies, clean water, food, obesity, healthcare and the ageing population," he says.

"This is one message that I want to get to young people at the moment and the other is that there just aren't enough young people in the world coming into engineering. This is a real career where you can make a difference."

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