2011 AHURI Funding Round Outcome

Results of the 2011 AHURI Funding Round have been released and City Futures Research Centre have been successful with four bids:

• Understanding leadership, strategy and organisational dynamics in the not-for-profit housing sector
This study will examine decision making, leadership and organisational dynamics in the Australian not for profit housing sector drawing on international studies and experts.

• Downsizing amongst older Australians
This project aims to understand the extent of downsizing amongst older Australians, who is doing it, and the motivations, obstacles and financial and social consequences of downsizing.

• Multi-generation households in Australian cities (Essay)
This essay will draw on recent Census data on quantifying the number of multi-generational households; consider the drivers of cohabitation amongst adults of different generations; and raise questions about its effects on psychological, economic and social wellbeing.

• Affordable housing, urban renewal, and planning: Emerging practice in NSW, South Australia and Queensland
This project aims to review the new planning powers in NSW under the State Environmental Planning Policy to examine how planning and housing policy domains can work together to increase affordable housing supply and their effectiveness.

The four Research Projects have a total value of $512,867.
Congratulations to our Researchers on the great outcome!