In recent research, Professor Jorgenson notes that a massive re-configuration of the world economy over the next decade will lead to a new world order. China will displace the US as the world’s leading economy and India has already overtaken Japan. This will shift the balance within the G20 nations from the industrialised economies, including Australia and the G7, to the emerging economies. What will this re-configuration mean for capital markets? What of the rising Asian affluence on Australian property markets?

These questions and more were discussed a panel event held at the UNSW CBD Campus and organized by the Real Estate Initiative of the Centre for Applied Economic Research. The panel event was m​​oderated by Peter Martin (Economics Editor, The Age), and featured Professor Dale Jorgenson (Harvard University) and two industry leaders: Michael Blythe (Chief Economist of CBA) and Anthony De Francesco (Executive Director and Head of Investment Property Databank, Australia and New Zealand).

The event was a sell-out; within an hour registration reached full capacity. There were more than one hundred participants attending the event with a wide-range of representation from alumni, industry and academics.​