UNSW Art & Design is excited to co-present mind-expanding collaborations with Kaldor Public Art Projects during the upcoming Project 30 Marina Abramović: In Residence in Walsh Bay.

These dynamic events offer the opportunity to come together with speakers and the Australian Residency Artists including A&D alumni, academics and practicing artists over twelve days drawing inspiration from art, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience.

UNSW A&D and Kaldor Public Art Projects bring you two very special experiences.

Meeting of Minds is a fascinating afternoon of talks exploring the intersection of art, science, technology and the brain. Two fascinating panel discussions, chaired by Dr Lizzie Muller, Director of UNSW Art & Design's Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership program, will bring together artists, theorists and neuroscientists to discuss with the audience the entanglement of art, science and the brain.

Beyond the Tick Gate Revisited reunites participants from the original 1981 Australian residency with Abramović, an intensive bush retreat in regional NSW, to reflect on their experiences. The participants include Professor Ian Howard, artist and professor and previous Dean at UNSW Art & Design (1998 -2013), Kim Machan and Keith March to reflect on their experiences and the impact of the workshop on their lives. Their discussion features excerpts from a newly edited version of the Beyond the Tick Gate documentary. You can read more about Professor Ian Howard's experience on the UNSW Newsroom.

During Beyond the Tick Gate Revisited, teenage participants of Kaldor Public Art Projects’ pilot three-month engagement program at the Western Plains Cultural Centre in Dubbo reveal their experiments in performance art.

The 30th Kaldor project incorporates many other public programs. For example, each night belongs to the twelve Residency Artists from 5-7pm with Evenings In Residence. The participating artists will share the films that have inspired them and the ideas that keep them awake at night. On 3 July, George Khut will discuss his work across the fields of electronic and participatory art, interaction design and health.

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