The School of Taxation and Business Law will be hosting three ATAX Research Fellows during Semester 2 of 2015. These international fellows have been selected as part of the School's fellowship initiative which aims to attract international academics and professionals keen to further purse their research in the fields of taxation, business law and related disciplines. The School is pleased to announce that the 2015 fellows are: Timothy Todd and Benjamin Kujinga.

Timothy Todd will be visiting the School of Taxation and Business Law as the John Raneri Fellow for a four-week period in July and August 2015. Timothy Todd is an Assistant Professor of Law at the Liberty University School of Law, Virginia and holds a Juris Doctor (summa cum laude).  During his visit to the School in the second half of 2015, Timothy will be working with A/Professor Anil Hargovan on a research project focussing on the application of fiduciary duties to financially distressed entities and comparing the American and Australian approaches to this topic.  This collaborative comparative analysis is intended to add to the scholarly contribution on a topic that continues to present vexing issues for the judiciary in both jurisdictions.​

Benjamin Kujinga is a Senior Lecturer teaching tax law in the Dept. of Mercantile Law at the University of Pretoria and will be visiting the School as the Abe Greenbaum Fellow.  He has a number of publications on the topic of General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAARs) having completed a Doctoral thesis on the topic.  He will be working with Michael Walpole and others on a comp​arative analysis of Australia's revised Part IVA and aspects of the UK's GAAR and will be hosted in the School from September and October 2015. 

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