*AGSM alumna and cohort C donor Claudia Teal (left) presents the award to Amanda Reed at this year's award ceremony

When a cohort of AGSM MBA (Executive) students decided to begin a tradition of giving, they hoped that paying it forward would have far reaching effects. They started the AGSM Cohort C Business Fund to help students in their Strategic Management Year in need of financial support to cover the residential fees of the program. Like most that experience the tail-end of the AGSM MBA (Executive) program - where students spend four weeks living, playing and studying with the same tight-knit cohort - they recognised the value but also the financial challenges that can be associated with it.
This year’s recipient of the Cohort C Award, Amanda Reed, says of the experience: “I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with my MBA peers. With a diverse range of industry and functional expertise they have challenged me to think differently.” 
Amanda is COO of startup, Tappr. Tappr is a financial technology company that specialises in mobile payments. “We take our role of being the voice of the customer quite seriously,” says Amanda, whose days managing the marketing and customer experience team and developing business can vary greatly.
Working for a startup can be rewarding but it also poses significant challenges. “It’s amazing; I really thought that the pressures in corporate life would have me well prepared but I can say that during my time with Tappr I have become far more gritty and resilient.”
The knowledge she gained during her MBA helped by enabling her to “to consider the impact of a decision on all facets of the company and how it will impact the success of the business. The MBA has greatly enhanced the contribution I make to the companies I have worked for. The practical nature of the AGSM MBA (Executive) means I am able to apply what I have learnt every day.” 
Amanda also gives back by spending her spare time volunteering. She feels fortunate to work with people and organisations that are positively impacting on society and is “excited by the new wave of social intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs who are combining their knowledge of business with social purpose.”
“Inspired by this great initiative the 2015 Cohort C will be continuing the tradition by contributing to the scholarship fund in the hope it can be offered again next year to support another student like myself.”
It seems that paying it forward has paid off in this instance and the spirit of giving is well and truly alive in the AGSM community.

Please support Cohort C by making a donation. Any contribution, large or small, will make a difference to an AGSM student.

You can make a tax deductible gift to the fund online or by contacting the UNSW Foundation on +61 (2) 9385 3202 or by email

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