On November 23, at UNSW Australia, Riviera was crowned the winner of the 15th Annual Peter Farrell Cup, held by the UNSW Business School.

Riviera is an exciting new start-up, run by university students, that intends to transform car parking by using a ticketless, cashless and boom-gateless system, all run through smartphones. Mentored by Sophia Demetriades Toftdahl, CEO of Dream Internship, Riviera presented a strong pitch to take out the title.

“When I saw their one page business canvass, I felt lucky to mentor Riviera, because I knew they had a great idea. I was confident that they would win from day one and never doubted them. When they won, they mentioned this belief was helpful to them.”

10 teams of students from UNSW Australia and other Australian universities, competed to win the $15000 cash prize to kick start their businesses. Proving to be tough competition Syn&Co, a sustainable battery source, and Ultinerary, a platform that offers pre-packaged itineraries, rounded off the top three spots, with UNSW Jailbreak, an innovative charity concept, winning the People’s Choice Award.

The Peter Farrell Cup has now been run at UNSW Australia for 15 years and provides students the opportunity to bring their business ideas to life and to build an innovative student community.