Congratulations to our staff who have secured ARC Discovery Grants, an ARC DECRA, UNSW Goldstar Awards, Faculty Silverstar Awards, Faculty Research Grants, and Early Career Research Grants in the 2016 round.

ARC Discovery Grants were won by Spiro Penev, Scott Sisson, Thanh Tran, and William Dunsmuir.

Peter Straka has received an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA).

UNSW Goldstar Awards were granted to both Jim Franklin and Igor Shparlinski.

Faculty Silverstar Award recipients are Moninya Roughan and Shane Keating, Mark Holzer, Bruce Henry, and Pinhas Grossman.

Faculty Research Grants were secured by Chris Angstmann, Mike Banner, Leung Chan, Feng Chen, Adelle Coster, Ian Doust, Jie Du, Gery Geenens, Vaithilingam Jeyakumar, Jonathan Kress, Quoc Le Gia, Guoyin Li, Heng Lian, Shev McNamara, John Murray, Jake Olivier, and Mircea Voineagu.

Early Career Research Grants were awarded to Zdravko Botev, Libo Li, Alina Ostafe, and Peter Straka.

Full details can be viewed on our Research Grants webpage.

(Pictured from left, clockwise: Alina Ostafe; Peter Straka; Thanh Tran)