Professor Cecez-Kecmanovic ​has been awarded ACIS 2015 Best Paper Award at the 26th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) for the paper: “"Ethical Implications of IT-enabled Information Flows Conceived as Intermediaries or Mediators”.​

Professor Cecez-Kecmanovic also received the ICIS 2015 Best Theme Paper Award with Dr Sebastian Boell, for their paper: “What is ‘Information’ Beyond a Definition?”
The award announcement can be found at here​ , and the link to the call for paper can be found here.

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The conference showcases the contribution of Information Systems in the Age of Big Data with a collection of presentations, workshops, tutorials and panels in the application of Information Technology, emerging technologies, social media and social technologies, information ethics and society, demographic and cultural diversity and information systems and governance.​