Don't miss the screening of the season.

A&D’s graduating film and digital media talent strut their stuff at the ANNUAL 2016 Chauvel Cinema Screening on Friday 9 December.

In the line-up are emerging professional media creators, filmmakers and animators specialising in film drama, 2D animation, 3D CGI animation, visualisation, illustration documentary, and film documentary.    

SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS - View showreel here.

Aurora Sice, film drama, Switch, about 3 friends who find a bag of money at the airport.

Reney Beazley, 2D animation, Home, which examines the neuroscience of memory and place.

Mariah Tominez, 1-800-EXTERMINATE, a gutsy 3D CGI animation about a neurotic homebody who encounters an uninvited guest – an invasive cockroach.

Melanie Shin, 2D animation, I am not a Very Good Bird, about lessons of gravitational pull when learning to fly.

Deanna Hewitt, 2D animation, Designing One Day, reimagining David Nicholls’ book about the challenges of modern love, friendship, and ultimate loss.    

Ailisha Sabalburo, 2D animation dedicated to Marie Antoinette on the day of her execution.

Adrienne Bolina, 2D animation, Tulong, tracks the misfortunes of a Filipino street child and an old man who offers a helping hand.

Rachel Simpson, The True Anatomy Project, a 3D CGI visualisation depicting how women feel about their bodies.

Rachel Scott-Young, Kimberley Farrell, and Sara Ali, 3D GGI documentary, Lost and Found, examining the power of masks in the development of character in theatrical dramas.

Andrea Chen, Yi, an illustrated documentary tracing the fortuitous survival of two grandparents who lived through the second Japanese Sino wars.

Jeremy Chung and Nicola Yeo, A Page from Tuesday where a cuddly teddy bear comes to the rescue.

Herbert Leota, film drama, Westies, which follows Soroush and his mates through the turmoils of street fights, drugs, all-nighters and family love.

Alinta Kilpatrick, 2D animation, Insides, examining the physical feelings and emotions that surround anorexia.

Christ Li, film documentary, One Person Two Worlds, about Chinese nationals who move to Australia and develop split loyalties and confused feelings of belonging.    

Lachlan Paull, film documentary, Gathering Grooves, depicting conversations with Carl Cox, Peter Clifton, and other vinyl enthusiasts, to gain an in depth understanding of collecting memories through music.