For anyone interested in learning the essentials of programming real-time audio software and applying these skills to making your own audio devices, UNSW Art & Design supports a unique 10-session course, Creative Audio Programming on the Raspberry Pi, through kadenze - a global provider of world-class online education in the fields of art and creative technology.

Run by UNSW Art & Design researcher, digital artist, and creative coding enthusiast, Dr Ollie Bown, and developer and musician, Sam Ferguson, participants will use the Raspberry Pi as a rapid prototyping platform, exploring the creative potential of real-time sensor and network interaction and creating systems that respond to sensor input, communicate with other devices, and play sound.

Participants will make their own musical instruments, develop devices for sonic artworks, and create new sound design concepts for sonifying everyday objects. The course enables people to develop a basic understanding of audio-programming and conceptualization and design of innovative interactive devices.

Creative Audio Programming on the Raspberry Pi is part of scheduled learning mode, and is open for enrollment.   What you need to take this class.