Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre has announced the 2017 finalists for it's widely anticipated annual Art on Paper Award. The inclusive criteria for the Award is simply that 'artists must submit works that are created with, on, or about paper.'   

From a record of more than 850 artist entries this year, the Hazelhurst has selected 79 outstanding practitioners working in the mediums including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, printmaking, and video to fetaure in the showcase exhibition.  Finalists are automatically eligible for one of four categories of prizes.

Art on Paper Awards include; the Major Award (AUD$15,000); the Young and Emerging Artist Award (AUD$5,000), the Friends of Hazelhurst Local Artist Award (AUD$5,000), and the People’s Choice Award (AUD$1000).

The selection panel for the 2017 Awards is made up of Carrie Kibbler (Hazelhurst Curator), Grahame Kime (Hazelhurst Art Centre Manager), Louisa Chircop (winner of the 2015 Art on Paper Local Artist Award), and Rochelle Haley (graduate and lecturer at UNSW Art & Design).  

Selected artists for the 2017 Award include; Abdul Abdullah (UNSW Art & Design), Belinda Allen (UNSW Art & Design), Tim Andrew (UNSW Art & Design), Suzanne Archer, Gemma Avery, Kirstin Berg, Lee Bethel (UNSW Art & Design), Drew Bickford, Betty Bird, Harriet Body (UNSW Art & Design), Marinka Bozzec (UNSW Art & Design), Leah Bullen, Penelope Cain, Michelle Cawthorn (UNSW Art & Design), Terrence Combos (UNSW Art & Design), Timothy Cook, Sam Cranstoun, Shoufay Derz (UNSW Art & Design), Chris Dolman (UNSW Art & Design), Christine Druitt-Preston, John Edwards, Robert Fielding, Simon Finn, Jen Fullerton, Ashleigh Garwood (UNSW Art & Design), Becky Gibson, Michaela Gleave (UNSW Art & Design), Joanne Handley (UNSW Art & Design), Virginia Hilyard & Sue Pedley (UNSW Art & Design), Nicola Hooper, Phil James, David Lawrey & Jaki Middleton, Winsome Jobling, Jennifer Keeler-Milne, Madeleine Kelly, Nicole Kelly, Deborah Kelly (UNSW Art & Design), Waratah Lahy, Richard Lewer, Kasane Low, Joanne Makas, Ally McKay, Kevin McKay, Fiona McMonagle, Tonee Messiah (UNSW Art & Design), Paniny Mick, Jennifer Mills (UNSW Art & Design), Stephanie Monteith (UNSW Art & Design), Joel Moore, Damian Moss (UNSW Art & Design), Sarah Mufford, Paula Ngu (UNSW Art & Design), Catherine O’Donnell, Indigo O'Rourke, Becc Ország, Emily Portmann (UNSW Art & Design), Texta Queen, Andy Quilty (UNSW Art & Design), Troy Quinliven, Ben Rak (UNSW Art & Design), Lynne Roberts-Goodwin (UNSW Art & Design), Brian Robinson, Peter Sharp (UNSW Art & Design), Liz Shreeve, Laura Stark, Neridah Stockley, Abdullah MI Syed (UNSW Art & Design), Sherna Teperson, Ioulia Terizis (UNSW Art & Design), Amber Wallis, Mumu Mike Williams, Amanda Williams (UNSW Art & Design), Paul Williams (UNSW Art & Design), Sandra Winkworth, Puna Yanima, Zuza Zochowski, and Tianli Zu.

The judging for Art on Paper will take place on Friday 19 May. The judge for the 2017 Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award is UNSW Art & Design graduate Lindy Lee. The award winners will be announced at the exhibition launch on Friday 19 May at 6pm. The exhibition continues until Sunday 16 July 2017.