Artist and Lecturer at UNSW Art & Design, Dr Julie-Louise Bacon, launches a conceptual art project at Sydney’s Artspace, The Time Salon, exploring our altered perspective of time as a phenomenological experience due to modern life and technological influences. 

The overarching project involves various components - including interactive public events, exhibitions, and written works - each of which enables the notion of time to be considered and experienced differently. 

Bacon says, “The intensity of time is felt in daily life, in intimate and pragmatic, psychological and scientific spheres, yet time is arguably merely a means for grasping change.  As HG Wells observed in his 1895 novel The Time Machine – There is no difference between time and any of the other three dimensions of space, except that our consciousness moves it along.”

Julie Louise Bacon is an artist, curator, and writer. Her work explores the fabric of urban life and social space, with specific focus on the relationship between time, technology, and culture, including archive theory, and the relationship between aesthetics and politics. Her projects emphasise the interplay of poetic and philosophical viewpoints, combining practical and speculative approaches. At UNSW Art & Design, Julie Louise teaches into undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and has contributed to curriculum development in areas of curatorial studies and time-based arts.

The Time Salon is opening on Thursday 25 May, 6-8pm and runs 26 May - 19 June at Artspace.