The UNSW Business Society, or BSOC as it's most commonly known, is the constituent society for all students studying an undergraduate degree at the UNSW Business School. With a member base of over 10,0000 students it's the largest society on campus.

We spoke to the two co-presidents - Catherine Hu and Tushaar Garg (both studying Commerce / Law), who gave us an insight into BSOC's relationship with its impressive line-up of corporate sponsors, and the good work it does to enhance our students' university experience.

Why are student clubs and societies an important part of university life?

Tushaar: "Student clubs and societies are the crux of campus culture, and essentially provide life to UNSW outside of the classroom. They provide opportunities for personal and professional development, a reason to be on campus and enrich students' lives. I don't think my university journey thus far would have been half as fun or crucial in my development, without them."

What large companies did BSOC work with last semester and how has the relationships benefited the students and society?

Catherine: "We've worked with some amazing corporate sponsors this year. Our events have welcomed representatives from EY, CAANZ, UBER and Google, presenting tailored workshops for our students. Our Google event was a major success, with over 500 students registering for the workshop and the UBER Case Competition saw the UNSW team placed 2nd nationally! Students should look forward to seeing our events with Deloitte, Nestle, Accenture, EY, CPA, Willis Towers Watson, Cisco, Google and more next semester!"

How has BSOC benefited the companies you work with?

Tushaar: "BSOC aims to promote the events that the companies run, inform students about what firms and career opportunities are available, but most importantly, provide students with access to firm representatives. The companies we work with understand the importance of connecting with students on campus and that student societies, including BSOC, are one of the most effective ways of doing so."

Is there a relationship with a startup company which has worked especially well?

Catherine: "We started partnering with Finimize, a startup company, early last year. They aim to send out information to students about the finance industry in small, easy-to-digest emails. Through just one of our Facebook posts, we drove over 100 sign ups to their database and 25% also joined their beta app."

To find out more about BSOC and the opportunities they are offering students this semester you can visit or contact Tushaar or Catherine via email on​