Internationally acclaimed contemporary artist and UNSW Art & Design alumnus Khadim Ali has been selected among 23 artists from around the globe to feature in the 14th edition of the prestigious Sharjah Biennial in the United Arab Emirates.

“How do we choreograph a future when narratives are formed through algorithms and history fictionalised or obliterated? How do we mobilise what is left of the idea of the social - let alone the ideal of society - under conditions of dispossession and diaspora?” These are some of the questions the 14th Sharjah Biennial seeks to explore as part of the 2019 event titled Leaving The Echo Chamber

Ali's work will feature in Journey Beyond the Arrow, a component of the Biennial curated by a fellow UNSW Art & Design graduate, Zoe Butt. Journey Beyond the Arrow is one of three sub-divisions for the large-scale event, with the other two being Making New Time, curated by Omar Kholeif, and Look for Me All Around You, curated by Claire Tancons.

The Sharjah Biennial is organised by Sharjah Art Foundation, an initiative committed to supporting contemporary art and the development of a vibrant arts environment in the Gulf. SB14 will open in March 2019.

Khadim Ali completed his MFA at UNSW Art & Design in 2015, and has been featured in a number of major international exhibitions, including Documenta 13 in 2012.