UNSW BusinessThink budget roundtable from previous year.

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has been readying the 2018 Budget with a close eye on promised tax cuts, versus balancing the budget as he aims for a surplus in the years ahead.

The BusinessThink 2018 Budget roundtable will analyse the announcements in Canberra, and new measures presented by Scott Morrison. A panel of UNSW Business School experts will react to key budget measures, such as company tax breaks, dropping plans for the Medicare levy increase, new GST rules on low value imports, changes to superannuation and analysis of the state of the Australian economy.

Academics from UNSW Australian Business School give their independent analysis in a live-streamed roundtable at UNSW Sydney's campus, moderated by Julian Lorkin, with reaction to key budget measures.

Watch live: 12.30pm Wednesday 9th May 2018 at http://business.unsw.edu.au/budget

Watch later: recorded video posted later in the afternoon.

Richard Holden is a Professor of Economics at UNSW Business School. He said: "We will give all tax measures an independent and thorough analysis in our roundtable discussion, along with other key budget measures including superannuation and identifying who is most affected by the budget measures. Importantly, we will give context and background to the budget measures as well as identifying areas the government has failed to address."

Journalists may take any part of the video for quotes, ask questions during the session via the live stream comment facility or via twitter using the hashtag #UNSWbudget, or contact the academics for interviews later in the day.

Professor Richard Holden

Expert areas: Macroeconomic impacts, business, and employment.

Contact: 02 9385 4700 or 0409 446 296 | richard.holden@unsw.edu.au  


Professor John Piggott

Expert areas: John is an expert in superannuation and taxation and is Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research.

Contact: 02 9385 5903 | j.piggott@unsw.edu.au


Lecturer Kathrin Bain
Expert areas: Kathrin can discuss GST compliance, Alternative tax models, and tax simplification.
Contact: 02 9385 9541 | k.bain@unsw.edu.au


Professor Fiona Martin

Expert areas: Tax transparency of multi-national corporations, GST, charities, not-for-profits, and indigenous Australians.

Contact: 02 9385 9558 | 0432 065787 |  f.martin@unsw.edu.au