You are invited to attend the A&D Annual 18 Graduate Exhibition!

A highlight on Sydney’s cultural calendar, the A&D ANNUAL launches the next generation of artists, designers, makers and digital media creators.

Come along to the opening night launch party on Tuesday 27 November from 5pm and experience tomorrow's art, design and media arts in the company of UNSW Art & Design's peers, alumni, industry members, and supporters. 

About the A&D ANNUAL
As the largest national showcase of graduate contemporary art, design and media arts, the A&D ANNUAL features new work from up to 200 creative practitioners. The exhibition features work across a range of disciplines, including animation, film, photography, sound, digital media and graphic design, as well as painting, sculpture, object design, printmaking, textiles, spatial design, ceramics, and jewellery.
The A&D ANNUAL 18 will be displayed in various locations across UNSW Art & Design’s Paddington campus. Exhibition spaces include UNSW Galleries, Kudos Gallery, ADSpace, the Black Box, the Interactive Media Lab, the Makerspace Virtual Reality Lab, the Lecture Theatre and the Art & Design campus courtyard.



Registration for the A&D Annual 18 has now closed.
All students graduating from UNSW Art & Design coursework programs are invited to participate. This encompasses all Single-Award and Dual-Award undergraduate programs, as well as the Master of Art, Master of Design, and Master of PR & Advertising/Master of Design postgraduate programs.
You are eligible to participate if you are due to complete all courses in your Art & Design program in 2018. For Dual Award students, you can exhibit even if you have not completed your other program, as long as your Art & Design program will be completed this year. (Exceptions can be made if you have 6-12 units of credit in electives or General Education remaining.) 
For students enrolled in postgraduate programs, you may exhibit if you will complete all core courses, including studio project and capstone courses, in 2018. 

Key dates: 

Registration Opens: Monday 20 August 
Registration Deadline: Midnight, Tuesday 2 October 
Exhibition Installation Period: 12—23 November 
(Participants will be advised of detailed installation timelines closer to the event) 
Opening Night Launch Party: Tuesday 27 November, 5—9pm 
Exhibition Dates: 28 November – 8 December
Exhibition De-Installation Period: Sunday 10 – Tuesday 12 December 


Registration for the A&D Annual 18 Graduate Exhibition has now closed.

To participate in the A&D ANNUAL 18, please ensure you complete the online registration form linked below. Registration is a key step in capturing content for the online catalogue, the exhibition wall labels and to understand your installation requirements. If you are confused about what is required in this form, please ask your Cluster Leader for clarification during class, or contact Catherine Woolley:

The registration form will automatically close at Midnight, Tuesday 2 October. The form must be completed to strict deadline, as beyond this point coordinating the exhibition becomes almost impossible.



The space allocation, layout and installation of works in this year’s A&D ANNUAL will be determined by Cluster Groups or Capstone/Project Groups. In consultation with Cluster Leaders, Masters Convenors and UNSW Galleries staff, a space will be allocated to your group. This exact space will not be confirmed until after registrations close on October 2.
Due to the large exhibiting cohort this year, space will be limited. We highly recommend that you discuss your submissions with your Cluster Leader or Masters Convenors as they will assist in streamlining your installation to work in the space available. They will also be advising you on selecting your best work to exhibit and how it should be displayed to ensure you have considered your installation thoughtfully and will be presenting a professional exhibition.
Please note, UNSW Galleries staff will mainly be assisting with installation on a technical level, though reserve the right to make curatorial decisions about works in the exhibition as required.
Installation Period: 12 November – 23 November

AV Resources: 

AV resources will be drawn from UNSW Galleries, the Resource Centre and the Computing Services Unit (CSU). Once we have captured your requirements via the Registration Form, we will let you know where you should book your equipment from. These resources will be available for booking four weeks out from the start of the installation period. AV equipment will be allocated on a ‘first-in-best-dressed’ basis. If resources are limited and there is not enough to go around, you may need to source your own equipment.


You will have a two-day period to remove your work from the exhibition spaces. There are no exceptions. 
It is very important that works are removed punctually. UNSW Galleries does not have storage space available, and following the ANNUAL we will be installing a large exhibition opening in early January.
Artworks that haven’t been removed by 5pm, Tuesday 11 December will be disposed of. All borrowed equipment will be your responsibility to return.
De-Installation Period: Monday 10 – Tuesday 11 December

Main contacts: 

If you have any questions or require further information regarding the A&D ANNUAL 18, please direct these queries to your individual Cluster Leaders who will be your main point of contact throughout the lead-up to this exhibition. If you completed your studies mid-year or are exiting without Honours and do not have a current Cluster Leader, please direct your questions to Sam Spurr:
If you are in a postgraduate degree, please liaise with your Capstone or Studio Project Convenors. For Master of Art students, your contact is Ian Howard. For Master of Design students, your contact is Stephen Loo. Please note that if you anticipate you will need specialised or complex install requirements (i.e. AV heavy, WHS risk etc.), you must directly contact UNSW Galleries staff well before the installation period, as well as dialogue with your Cluster Leaders in order to achieve your vision. A thorough list of contacts appears below.
If you have any difficulty in completing the Registration Form, please contact Annual Coordinator Catherine Woolley:

A&D ANNUAL 18 Project Team:

Honours Cluster Leaders:
Fernando Do Campo: ART1
Diana Baker Smith: ART2
Guy Keulemans: DES1
Trent Jansen: DES2
Zoe Veness: DES3
Sarah Jamieson: DES4
Karen Kriss: MED1
Deborah Turnbull Tillman: MED2
Jamil Yamani: MED3
Honours Convenor:
Sam Spurr: 
Masters Project Convenors:
Ian Howard: Master of Art
Stephen Loo: Master of Design
UNSW Galleries Director:
José Da Silva
Exhibitions Manager:
Karen Hall
Galleries Assistant & Annual Coordinator:          
Catherine Woolley:
Kudos Galley Coordinator:
Luke Létourneau
Anna May Kirk
Black Box:
Resource Centre
Interactive Media Lab:
Oliver Bown
Australian Design Centre:
Mark Ian Jones
Arc @ Art & Design Manager:
Kieran Butler
Principal Partners: