Dr Gigi Foster, School of Economics, Dr Gavin Schwarz, School of Management and Dr Paul Andon, School of Accounting

Three UNSW Business School academics have been appointed Professors in their respective areas of economics, management and accounting.

The promotions for Dr Gigi Foster, School of Economics, Dr Gavin Schwarz, School of Management and Dr Paul Andon, School of Accounting will be effective 1 January, 2019.

Gigi Foster's research interests and contributions lie in the areas of education, social influence, behavioural economics, and the multi-disciplinary analysis of human behaviour in groups. Much of her published work focuses on aspects of decisions related to human capital investment and social influence.  Dr Foster, who works for the School of Economics, received her BA from Yale and her PhD in economics from the University of Maryland.

Dr Foster, who also co-hosts The Economists show on ABC's Radio National said, "Professionally it means officially standing on level ground with many other powerful people… and greater opportunities to push for positive change in our society through my research, my teaching and my engagement activities." 

"We are lucky to have a fairly collegial atmosphere in the Business School and the School of Economics, but it's an unavoidable fact that people listen to you more when you have higher formal status, in Australia no less (and arguably more) than in other countries. 

"I expect in the coming years to be saying basically the same things as I've said for many years, but to be getting more of a hearing and therefore hopefully to be more effective both within and outside of UNSW."

Gavin Schwarz's current research and work interests include organisational change and organisational inertia, with an interest in better understanding how organisations fail when changing and developing applied strategies for dealing with failure to change.

He is also interested in exploring how knowledge develops in organisations. 

Dr Schwarz, Associate Head of the School of Management, received his BA from the University of Auckland and his PhD from the University of Queensland.

"Professionally, it was pleasing to see my peers at UNSW and my colleagues overseas valued the work that I have done, as well as my standing in the academy. That was probably the most gratifying part of being promoted," Dr Schwarz said.

"It represents a big step in acknowledging that what we do is worthwhile and is valued. In this way, my promotion affirms my passion for my work and engagement and so personally it means a great deal."

Paul Andon is an AGSM Scholar and Associate Professor in the School of Accounting.  Dr Andon has curriculum development and teaching experience in a range of management accounting and introductory financial accounting courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Currently, Paul teaches and researches primarily in the area of management accounting.

Prior to joining UNSW Sydney, Paul was employed at PwC in their Assurance and Business Advisory Services division, specialising in technology, communications and entertainment clients.  He is also qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Professor Chris Styles, Dean UNSW Business School congratulated the three academics on their outstanding achievements.  

"It is a demanding process, where applicants are required to present a strong case about their academic achievements so far as well as their aspirations for the future - I'm therefore delighted Gigi Foster, Gavin Schwarz and Paul Andon were successful in their application for promotion to Professor," Prof Styles said. 

"All three are excellent teachers and researchers, and they engage extensively with external communities to ensure their work has impact.  I'd like to congratulate them on their wonderful achievement."