A new partnership between UNSW Sydney and Hong Kong University (HKU) will see the launch of a new masters Pathways Program for Law.

The program will reinforce the long and deep relationship that exists between two of the world’s top law schools in the region. It will continue to provide more opportunities for education and research collaboration between the universities.

Associate Dean for International and External Engagement, Professor Gabrielle Appleby, sees UNSW Sydney and HKU as working together to provide students with innovative opportunities for world-class, international education.

“Both Law Schools are committed to providing our students with an international legal education, and this Pathways Program is an exciting new initiative in support of that goal,” she says.

“We are delighted that our students will have the opportunity to benefit from the launch of our Pathways Program,” says Dr Shahla Ali, Associate Professor and Associate Dean (International) at HKU. 

“We share many values in common with UNSW – including an emphasis on studying Law to make a difference in the world.   

“This program is among the fruits of a strong relationship built over many years by many individuals.”  

UNSW Law strives to provide its students with an international learning experience and the new Pathways Program aims to reflect the increase in Law students entering more globalised professions.

Professor Simon Young, Associate Dean (Research) for Law at HKU, says the new agreement will also enable HKU to strengthen ties from the perspective of students and their global learning experience.

“We hope to continue these symposiums in partnership with other leading international law schools,” he says.  
The announcement of the Pathways Program comes in the same year that UNSW Law has relaunched its world-leading masters program, with specialisations in key areas including Media, Intellectual Property & Technology Law; Corporate, Commercial & Taxation Law; Chinese and International Business & Economic Law; Human Rights Law & Policy; and Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Eligible students will be in the final year of their Law degrees and looking to further their future careers through additional specialist masters study.

The first intake of students to HKU from UNSW under the Pathways Program will commence in September 2020.

See here for more information on the UNSW-HKU masters Pathways Program

Chloe Watson