The Apollo Communications Top 50 CEO Report (released September 2019) shows that science creates more CEOs than any other discipline. Science graduates include Alan Joyce (QANTAS), Steven Cain, (Coles) and Julian Segal (Caltex).

The same report labelled UNSW as Australia’s “power university,” and acknowledged that UNSW had educated more CEOs than any other education provider in Australia.

The Shift from Business to Science Skills

There’s a critical shortage of science skills in Australia and an ever-increasing demand for graduates who excel in STEM (ABC Positions Vacant Report, August 2019). Across the nation, there are 200,000 vacant STEM jobs, ranging from data scientist to product developer and risk analyst.

A survey from Chief Scientist of Australia found that more than 82% of employers are looking for applicants with a background in STEM. Science skills have now become the most transferable skills in not only Australia but around the world. Science sets you up with the skills to problem solve and critically analyse, which are highly valued in all businesses from startup to corporate.

Our Most Successful Alumni

At UNSW, we’ve created a hotbed for innovative thinking. Over the past 20 years, our Science faculty has helped to produce the most successful tech entrepreneurs in Australia. Tech giant Atlassian is Australia’s most celebrated startup. Founded by two UNSW alumni, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquher, the company is now worth more than US$34 billion.

The Space to Discover your Path

With 18 undergraduate degrees, you can follow your interests and find the right path for you at UNSW Science. Our broad range of study areas – Health, Environmental, Materials and Fundamental Sciences – is taught by some of the best STEM educators in Australia and the world. No matter what your passion, there is likely a world leader on the UNSW Science team!

At UNSW, we’re continually developing links with the scientific communities around the world. UNSW Sydney is home to 13,000 international students from 120 countries, making us one of the most diverse universities in Australia. Our connections with academics, researchers and professionals ensure that our domestic and international graduates are prepared for the modern world of science.

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