The annual Student Experience Survey (SES), published by the Social Research Centre, makes up part of the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT), a suite of surveys covering the student life cycle from commencement to employment. 

The 2018 SES measured five aspects of the student experience:  skills development, learner engagement, teaching quality, student support and learning resources, culminating in the overall quality of educational experience. 

UNSW Law obtained a rating of 88% for overall quality of educational experience, well above the national average of 80.3%. The overall level of satisfaction was boosted by three areas rating above the national average: the faculty obtained 90.2% for teaching quality (national average 80.3%); 74.9% for learner engagement (national average 62%); and 89.9% skills development (national average 84.1%). 

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Larissa Mavros