Air breathing engines have undoubtedly changed our world. Look up, and there are over 10,000 transport aircraft in the sky, almost all of them powered by jet engines.

The benefits of airbreathing engines are perhaps arguably most keenly felt by Australia due to our remote location in the Southern Hemisphere. From the first jet engine 80 years ago, to the new technologies of today, these pivotal components of aerospace engineering continue to play a key role in keeping Australia connected to the world, for defense, business, trade and tourism. Jet engines, or gas turbines, are not only used in aircraft, they also power ships and tanks: they really have revolutionised our transport industry.

Australia continues to play a vital role in the development of air-breathing engines. Not only does Australia’s remote location set technological challenges for jet engine designers and operators, but we are a world leader in hypersonic air-breathing engines and systems, the next great challenge for ultra-high speed flight.

It is common for over 10,000 transport aircraft to be in the sky at any one time.

The International Society for Air Breathing Engines (ISABE) has proudly produced industry leading conferences for over four decades. This year, ISABE will be hosting the latest installment of their conferences in Canberra – the first one held downunder in a quarter of a century.

With representatives from over 25 nations, ISABE is renowned for its commitment to bettering the free exchange, on an international level, of knowledge in the field of airbreathing propulsion for flight vehicles across all flight regimes from subsonic to hypersonic.

ISABE2019 is set to take place over the last week of September at the National Convention Centre, the conference is hosted by UNSW Canberra and chaired by Prof Andrew Neely, the current Vice President of ISABE. The conference will combine a cross section of keynote speeches and technical sessions, with some of the worlds leading experts in the field of air breathing engines.

A carefully curated lineup of distinguished industry leaders from both home and abroad will be presenting a plethora of topics and expanding on key industry talking points including; gas turbine engine technologies and innovation, operational experience concerns such as safety and icing, future aviation technologies, and more. Other exciting components of the conference include highlighting the cutting-edge work being performed on Australian soil looking in to high-speed flight and ultra-long-haul travel.

Industry leaders already announced for ISABE2019 include: Dr Paul Stein (CTO of Rolls-Royce): Dr Janet Kavandi (Director, NASA Glenn Research Center); AVM Catherine Roberts (Head of Aerospace Systems Division, CASG); Dr Kevin Bowcutt (Chief Scientist of Hypersonics, Boeing); Mark Thomas (CEO of Reaction Engines) and Thomas Prete (Engineering VP for Military Engines, P&W).

To support the ongoing conversation surrounding air breathing engines, ISABE is also providing a range of invaluable outreach opportunities for local school children and providing undergraduate aeronautical students at UNSW Canberra with exclusive benefits and opportunities throughout the course of the conference.

For further infomation on the ISABE 2019 Conference, click here.