One of my missions as Vice-Chancellor of UNSW is to nurture a collaborative culture in our institution. That may be across faculties, with other universities, with government, with public services or with industry – within Australia and beyond.

Universities by their very nature are hubs of knowledge that are fortunate to have Australian and global experts employed as teachers and researchers. We are a resource waiting to be used.

I am on record as saying there needs to be greater incentives for industry to partner with publicly funded research institutes. I have suggested a collaboration premium on top of the Commonwealth government’s R&D Tax Incentive and a future fund to assist in the translation of non-medical research to complement the Medical Research Future Fund.

Too often, the word researcher conjures up just an image of a scientist in a lab coat holding a test tube, engaged in basic discovery work. We have many brilliant scientists of this type and they are an essential part of the discovery-translation-application-commercialisation pipeline. But they are just one part of our university’s research capacity.

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