The UNSW/ES Bulldogs are at the top of the ladder after defeating St George on the weekend. Given their dominance, you may be forgiven for thinking all opposing teams are playing like limp lettuce. Par contre dear UNSW Sport reader, the 26 clubs of the AFL Sydney League foster some of the greatest players in the world. The Bulldogs just happen to be the best. 

This week Max Geddes is AFL Sydney Rising Star, adding to his already impressive 2019 resume Sydney Swans Academy, NEAFL debut, Allies Squad selection and his premier debut with the bulldogs. Slightly build and smart, Geddes is a fearless defender known for his ability to read the game and his matrix-style manoeuvres. 
UNSW/ES pride themselves on providing clear talent pathways for up and coming players. After all, the transition from the magical world of halftime orange slices, folding chairs and overenthusiastic parents in cargo shorts trying their luck at coaching towards the equally gruelling life of a professional athlete requires a supportive and compassionate club culture. 

Full Results
Men’s Premier Division defeated St George 13.10 (88) to 8.9 (57)
Women’s Premier Division lost to Southern Power 2.6 (18) to 5.12 (42)
Men’s Premier Reserves defeated St George 7.17 (59) to 4.5 (29)
Women’s Division 2 defeated East Coast 3.5 (23) to 3.3 (21)
Men’s Division 2 defeated Pennant Hill 19.7 (121) to 2.3 (15)
Men’s Division 3 defeated North Shore 13.12 (90) to 2.1 (13)
U19s Division 1 lost to Pennant Hills 7.4 (46)

The Colts were the lone winners in a tough day away at Hunters Hill Rugby Club as all open divisions suffered defeats. The UNSW sport community wishes Luke Simpson a speedy recovery after breaking his ankle in the Colts major win. Even warriors need a bit of assistance sometimes and Luke was spotted cradling the Green Whistle as he was stretchered off the field. Was that a grimace or smile? We will never know. In other rugby news, Ben Lexcen scholar Ned Hanigan was back in the myrtle green, returning for UNSW’s strategic partner Randwick Rugby Club in their victory over Western Sydney on the weekend. 

Full Results 
Barraclough Cup lost to Hunters Hill 22-53
Stockdale Cup lost to Linfield 21-26
Robertson Cup (Colts) defeated Hunters Hill 19-0
Blunt Cup lost to Hunters Hill 43-7
Richardson Cup lost to Hunters Hill 0-24

The UNSW women’s team faced Sutherland in an action packed round 19 and the men’s team once again fought their way onto the scoreboard with the help of the experienced Nima Beik, but narrowly lost to Nepean in a heated match.

Full results
UNSW Women’s team lost to Sutherland 0-5
UNSW Men’s team lost to Nepean 1-2

UNSW recorded three wins across the tournaments and the premier women’s team managed to hold on to equal the Strikers. Regardless, these are golden days for UNSW Hockey. Just last week, the #Whalies recorded 14 out of 16 wins. The club is a centre for competitive excellence, leading the sport into the future both on the field and towards a greater role in the Australian sporting cultural zeitgeist. 

Full Results
Women’s Metropolitan League
UNSW 1 tied with Strikers 2-2
UNSW 2 defeated Glebe 2-0
UNSW 3 defeated Strikers 2-0
Women’s Sydney East Hockey Association 
UNSW 1 lost to SGR1 1-2
UNSW 2 lost to Dolphins 3 1-3
UNSW 3 Gold defeated SGR 3 3-2
UNSW 3 Black tied with Easts 0-0
UNSW 4 lost to Glebe 1-2
Men’s Sydney League
UNSW SL1 lost to Ryde 5-1 
UNSW SL3 lost to Ryde 6-1
UNSW SL4 lost to Ryde 5-2

Kirran McFarland had a strong outing on the mound in the 3rd grade win on the weekend. The bespectacled pitcher led the onslaught with his lanky lob too good for the Marrickville batter. The first and second grades recorded losses in the notoriously unpredictable game, where success comes from the ability to turn to page week to week.

Full results
Sydney Women’s Baseball League 
Lions BYE

Sydney Winter Baseball League
First Grade: UNSW lost to Marrickville 2-8
Second Grade: UNSW lost to Marrickville 2-6
Third Grade: UNSW defeated Marrickville10-1