Last week, 10-18 August, was National Science Week - Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. 

Several of our students were involved in events on campus during the week. 

On Wednesday, our Science-Maths Student Ambassadors Alina Young, Aditya Ganguly and Manzoor Khan ran activities at a Primary School Fete in the Biosciences Building.

Over 100 primary school children participated in the fete, rotating through the activities offered by Mathematics and Statistics, Aviation, Chemistry, BABS, Optometry, Psychology and Materials Science. 

Alina, Aditya and Manzoor ran a geometry paper folding activity for the school children. 

On Friday, our PhD student Dan Mackinlay joined a panel for the event, Playing Video Games for Science, which was aimed at Year 7 and 8 students.

There was a live audience of high school students in the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, and the event was also streamed via YouTube. 

Dan was joined by panel members from biology and chemistry for a two-hour interactive session of video games, interviews, discussion, and comedy focused on science.

Dan even busted out some breakdancing moves, to the delight of his fellow panellists and the audience! 

Thanks to Alina, Aditya, Manzoor and Dan for their wonderful contributions during Science Week, helping to demonstrate to school children the scope and relevance of maths in a fun way.