In July, our PhD candidate Michael Denes and our staff member Yudhi Bunjamin represented the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the Faculty of Science regional outreach trip to the NSW Central West.

This is the second time the School has participated in a faculty outreach road trip, following our participation in a November 2018 trip.

The July trip was organised by Science Community and Engagement Officer Shane Hengst in collaboration with the Schools of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and Statistics.

The main objective of these regional trips is to promote science to primary and secondary students in remote and regional areas through engaging outreach activities.

On this trip, Michael and Yudhi presented a total of 19 sessions at Wellington Public School, Dubbo College Delroy Campus and Coonabarabran High School. Over the course of the trip, over 400 students ranging from years 2 to 11 participated in the mathematics workshops.

Yudhi and Michael brought four different workshops with them on the road, two targeted to Primary School students and two aimed at High School students, including “Peter’s Party Planning Problems” which was first run in Dubbo during last year’s regional trip.

The workshops presented on this trip were designed to highlight various aspects of mathematical thinking rather than to introduce participants to a specific area of mathematics.

Preparations for this trip were supported by the Science Student Ambassadors representing our School. Alina Sari organised all of the logistics while Aditya Ganguly coordinated the preparation and analysis of the workshop feedback forms.

A massive thank you Shane Hengst for organising this trip and to Diana Zhang, Jenny Stansby and Juan Camilo Zapata Trujillo from the School of Chemistry for their great company.

Also, a big thank you to Susannah Waters, Jan Zika, Suzie Scandurra and Diana Combe who helped with the organisation of this trip at the School level.

Pictured right: Michael Denes and Yudhi Bunjamin