​UNSW Business School has launched Australia's first undergraduate and postgraduate specialisations in Financial Technology, in recognition of high industry demand for FinTech expertise.

FinTech is a rapidly growing field that uses technology to enhance and reimagine financial services. The disruptive and better-known financial solutions this field has produced include the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and payment service PayPal. The FinTech industry has established services that include portfolio management, robo-advice and peer-to-peer lending. It has also opened the world to high-frequency trading and decentralised financial systems.

Implementing a FinTech idea well can shift market share, create new markets, and generate social impact. Fintech Program Director, Associate Professor Kingsley Fong, says getting FinTech right involves more than merely adding technology to finance.

"FinTech requires an integration of different mindsets," said Associate Professor Fong.

"To succeed in FinTech, one must know the finance business well and also imagine the data and technology to innovate, evaluate, communicate and implement a new idea," he said.

A. Prof Fong said the new UNSW Business School programs develop the mindset required to manage unbounded and rapidly changing technologies.

"Students will develop complementary knowledge, skills and networks, and how to communicate, imagine and work effectively with them," he said.

FinTech products and services can scale to global markets, making them highly desirable to established financial service industry organisations and entrepreneurs alike. The new Business School programs have developed in close consultation with finance and technology industry leaders - classes regularly take place in the newly launched iLab, an integrated teaching space with real-time financial market data and trading platforms. Graduates will be incredibly well-placed for positions in the FinTech industry and beyond.

UNSW's Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Technology) offers theory with practical, first-hand experience in FinTech projects. The projects establish an integrated mindset while raising awareness of opportunities and the ability to assess the strengths of a new product or service.

UNSW's Master of Finance (Financial Technology) elevates a student's existing finance knowledge while equipping them with the FinTech language, mindset and network through theory and practical projects.

According to the NSW Government, the FinTech sector increased 480% from 2014-2017. 60% of Australia's FinTech companies are based in Sydney, which places UNSW Business School students in close proximity to industry contacts. Applications to study FinTech at UNSW Business School are now open. Visit How to Apply for more information.