It's late in term three, the final exam timetables have been published, it is impossible to fit any more course content into your brain and it is obviously way too humid to concentrate. 

Fear not dear Around the Grounds reader, if you’re feeling stagnant or uninspired, I have a solution for you. The best ideas come when we are in a state of play. You’ve felt it before, that combination of wild enthusiasm, saturation in the moment and a transient clarity invites strategic problem solving as you test our skills, cunning and courage to the limits. We stop actively trying to coax the muse into manifesting and let the fragments of knowledge float around in our subconscious before they form shiny constellations of understanding in our mind. What are you waiting for? 

First Grade were victorious in Round 4 of the Kingsgrove Sports T20 Cup at Allan Border Oval against Mosman on Sunday. Restricting Mosman to a total of 5/169 thanks to Vivek Kashyap and Djali Bloomfield, our UNSW batters unleashed their assault. Dylan Fernandopulle (44 from 31) began the resistance and was supported by Warwickshire import, Michael Burgess, who belted 53 from 27. Captain Brandon McLean led in style with a brilliant 46* from 29.

The Club is hosting Randwick Petersham and Gordon in a 1st Grade T20 double header this Sunday 10 November at David Phillips South from 10am. Our latest first-class Bee, Matt Gilkes, will feature in both games. Let’s make DP a sea of black and gold.

UWCC faced Bankstown Sports Women's Cricket Club in the final round of the First Grade T20 competition. UWCC won the toss and elected to bat as the clouds began to look ominous. UWCC posted a very competitive 120 at the end of their innings. Olivia Porter top scoring with 36 runs. Only four overs were completed in reply until the heavens opened and the game was called a draw with both teams sharing the points. UWCC has qualified for the final of the T20 competition against Northern District on Sunday 10 November at the stunning North Sydney Oval. The game starts at 2pm so you can take off from David Phillips after watching our men to support our women in their bid for T20 dominance.

UWCC Second Grade saw a repeat of previous rounds as Bankstown emerged the better team in the final round of the T20 competition. The bowling from St George-Sutherland in the UWCC Third Grade was too bowling was hard, fast and accurate this week. After Nicki Wheeler top scored with 27 runs to lead the charge, the Slayers opted for the bonus point and decided to chase 177 rather than the 77 UWCC posted. Emily Cooksey took two attractive wickets and Di Lozell took one in reply. Third Grade will play Gordon in their next limited overs game this weekend, while Second Grade get a well deserved week off.

The victories were extra sweet for the Women's team and the Colts teams last weekend as both teams battled through the heat of a midday kick off at different ends of Sydney. The Colts recorded their second win of the season against the Central West Giants. Meanwhile the Women’s team had their second successive shutout in their defeat of the UTS Gators. "Our defence did a great job to get the shutout today, however it was clear our O-line were the MVP of the day" said a beaming offensive coordinator Renae Hahn. "We had some really explosive plays off the back of all the hard work up front!" 

While the men’s team had a scheduled bye last weekend, they will face off against the UTS Gators this weekend to decide the minor premiership. The women will take on the Central Coast Sharks. See you at Neptune Park on Saturday for all the action.

Raiders Women taking on the UTS Gators
Raiders Women taking on the UTS Gators

Full Results
UNSW Women’s team, defeated Gators 38-0
UNSW Colts team defeated Central West Giants 38-22

Last week saw the whistle blow for the third round of the New South Wales Handball League. The UNSW Women’s team were inched out by Sydney Uni in a very tight match despite a valiant team effort. Sally Potocki’s 14 goals kept UNSW in the game but were not enough this time around. In the Men’s competition, Lucas Benrabia was a standout once again, scoring 10 goals to help secure the four-goal victory over UTS in a frantic match that saw both teams adopt offensive strategies. Stay tuned as the season progresses. This week, the women’s team will face UTS and the men’s team will face Sydney Uni. I can hear the squeak of sneakers on hardwood floors already.

Full Results
UNSW Men’s team defeated UTS 36-32
UNSW Women’s team lost to Sydney Uni 25-26

An international community - French national Jules Grimont scored 5 point for UNSW last week
An international community - French national Jules Grimont scored five points for UNSW last week

There are often times in my life when I really wish I could cartwheel. What do I do when filled with glee? I just have to stand there. Not so for our UNSW Cheer and Dance Society where I imagine there is never a shortage of perfectly executed summersaults of delight. Congratulations to the team on exciting results at the prestigious CheerBrandz Nationals. Trust me, if I could backflip with joy for you I would.

Full Results 
1st Level 3/4 AG
2nd Level 4 Group Stunt
4th  Level 2 Coed

UNSW at CheerBrandz Nationals
UNSW at CheerBrandz Nationals

Here at UNSW Sport we are committed to championing marginalised communities, and this extends to our oft misunderstood spandex-clad friends at UNSW Cycling and Triathlon Club who competed in a club time trial last week.

After all, there are lots reasons why we should all be riding bikes. We can start with the health-related reasons, how a bike is both transportation, leisure and a challenging sport, especially when you add the swim and run in a triathlon. It's a common theme, I am assuming that since you are a person living in 2019, surrounded by flashing screens and drama, that sometimes you need to quieten your brain. Take a ride, clear your head. The aforementioned combination of movement and simplicity will do wonders for that lingering existential malaise of yours and you will get toned glutes too.

Then there is the fun of it all as you propel yourself down the driveway, or the fact that it seems hard to learn, but the cliché is true. Sure, your ECON1203 tutorial from yesterday is a blur and you can’t remember what you had for breakfast, but you will never forget how to ride a bike. Of course, if you join the UNSW Cycling and Triathlon Club, there is a risk you may turn into a gear head. You start with the miracle of elegant engineering that is the bicycle, and even delve into the fabled world of padded spandex. You may even become one of those people at the café waiting for their flat white looking like a superhero.

Captain UNSW and the Super Cyclers completed the time trial last weekend
Captain UNSW and the Super Cyclers completed the time trial last weekend