We are delighted to report that Professor Vaithilingam Jeyakumar and Associate Professor Guoyin Li have won the 2019 Journal of Global Optimization Best Paper Award.

Their paper, Extended trust-region problems with one or two balls: exact copositive and Lagrangian relaxations, was co-authored with Immanuel M. Bomze and is one of two papers selected for this year's award.

Joint winners of the 2019 Best Paper Award are Xiaolong Kuang and Luis F. Zuluaga for Completely positive and completely positive semidefinite tensor relaxations for polynomial optimization.Guoyin Li

The Journal of Global Optimization Best Paper Award was established by Springer in 2011. It is awarded annually for a paper published in the previous year and consists of a $1,000 cash prize. Winners are selected by a committee of editorial board members.

This isn't the first time that Professor Jeyakumar and A/Prof Li have had a paper selected for an optimization journal's best paper prize. They won the 2015 Optimization Letters (OPTL) Best Paper Award for Robust SOS-convex polynomial optimization problems: exact SDP relaxations.

This latest win has also come hot on the heels of the 2019 ICCM Best Paper Award conferred to A/Prof Li earlier this month. 

Congratulations to Jeya and Guoyin! 

Pictured L-R: Prof Jeyakumar; A/Prof Li