Zdravko Botev
We are proud to report that a book authored by Dr Zdravko Botev on data science and machine learning has just been published. 

Data Science and Machine Learning: Mathematical and Statistical Methods was co-authored with University of Queensland researchers Dirk P. Kroese, Thomas Taimre and Radislav Vaisman.

The book aims to provide an accessible, yet comprehensive textbook intended for students interested in gaining a better understanding of the mathematics and statistics that underpin the range of ideas and machine learning algorithms in data Zdravko bookscience.

Early reviews are very positive and refer to the book as well-written, rigorous and informative. 

Dr Botev is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Last year, he won the prestigious Australian Academy of Science Christopher Heyde Medal for his ground-breaking research into new methodologies for understanding the probabilities underlying high-cost, hard-to-predict events - for instance in communication and computer network design, digital watermarking, and safety assessment of debris collision in space.

A very big congratulations to Dr Botev on the release of his book!