Where can an undergraduate degree from UNSW Business School take you? Alumni Marina Harb and Jessie Zhang experienced world-class education, extensive career opportunities and industry connections, and a strong community of students.

UNSW Business School Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Economics alumna Jessie Zhang opted for UNSW Sydney as she knew it would open many doors for her in the future.

Now a Senior Analyst at Citi in the corporate banking division, she describes her job as fluid and multi-faceted. Her degree at UNSW Business School offered new experiences, such as the opportunity to spend time abroad at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark for student exchange.

Jessie described this as an invaluable part of her degree and an amazing experience.

Through the Career Accelerator suite of opportunities including Industry Experience Program COMM2222, Jessie completed two summer internships at a JP Morgan and PwC equipping her with career focused experience and connections to industry.

The Career Accelerator suite of opportunities also offers internships,networking and global opportunities to give hands-on business skills to secure highly competitive graduate positions.

Alumna Marina Harb studied the Bachelor of Information Systems after it was recommended by a friend, who saw her interest in technology and business.

Utilising the skills and industry knowledge provided by UNSW Business School, Marina moved into working with organisations to review and improve the digital user experiences of their customers. She is now an experienced designer and consultant at Deloitte Digital.

Marina describes the industry skills she acquired during her study as invaluable.

"My courses…really gave me a head start and encouraged me to develop my time management, communication and problem-solving skills."

In her second semester she was accepted into the Co-op scholarship program. This program incorporates industry experience, leadership and professional development, networking, mentoring and financial support.

Through this program she completed three industry placements which "ultimately helped me get my role at Deloitte digital".

When it comes to excelling academically, her advice is to find a method of study that works best for you. "But more than just academically, I urge you to branch out and network with others," she says.

UNSW Sydney boasts more than 300 clubs and societies, with 22 affiliated to the UNSW Business School, allowing students to engage with a wide range of dynamic and dedicated communities.

Jessie was a peer mentor, camp leader and marketing committee member the UNSW Business Society (BSOC) She was sponsorship director for the UNSW Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA) and was a UNSW student ambassador.

She says these experiences allowed her to construct lifelong friendships and skills. One of her proudest moments was being a Yellow Shirts orientation week volunteer and orientation week organising team coordinator for Arc. Arc is UNSW Sydney's student organisation, which provides student development opportunities, entertainment and social events.

"As the days fly by your DNA will be embedded and threaded into culture, the buildings, to people and the energy that surrounds this place and truly makes UNSW the best university," Jessie says.

Marina, who was a part of the UNSW Information Systems Society (BITSA), says the people you meet at university will not only become your professional network, but also great friends.

"We still stay in contact as much as possible, share learnings with each other and reach out when we're looking for professional opportunities," she says.

Marina is thankful for her experiences at UNSW Sydney and where it's taken her. "It has helped me progress my passion to empower, connect and elevate women in digital."

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