Congratulation to our researchers named Dr. Pramod Koshy and Dr. Xing Xing.

The ACARP (Australian Coal Association Research Program) competitive grant funding results were announced in December 2019 and the following project was awarded funding from the School. 


Project:  Effect of Coke Properties on High Temperature Strength and Hot Metal Reactivity Under Blast Furnace Conditions

Chief Investigators: Dr. Pramod Koshy and Dr. Xing Xing, UNSW Sydney

Grants Funding:  $369,000 for 1.5 years.

This follows on from the successful funding of $310,000 that Dr. Koshy and Dr. Xing received from ACARP in 2018 for the project: 'Investigating the Effect of Blend Characteristics on the High-Temperature Strength Evolution and Relevant Mechanisms in Cokes' in 2018.

Project Aims: Blending of coals is commonly done to overcome increasing scarcity of high-quality coal/coke resources and the unpredictability of blend properties can limit the prediction of their behaviour under reactive conditions at high-temperatures in the blast furnace.  The present proposal will build upon past research work done by the CIs to further develop the understanding of the relationship between the characteristics of cokes on their high-temperature strength evolution and reactions with molten iron/slag.   The improved understanding can help to predict coke behaviour under actual conditions and enable the optimisation of blend compositions and use of lower quality resources. 

Moreover this can enhance the potential marketability of Australian coals owing to improved control and predictability of high-temperature behaviour and processing parameters and thus fits in with current ACARP research priorities on fundamental and applied understanding to relate properties of cokes to those of the parent coals, and developing effective and consistent characterisation techniques for different coals and cokes, and their impact on utilisation these coals and their blends to enable rational market valuation.