Being safe online is everyone's business.

Safer Internet Day 2020 is a global event with the goal of raising awareness on what it means to be a safe internet user and digital citizen. 

In Australia, the eSafety Commissioner is Australia’s leading resource providers for learning about online and digital safety. 

For Safer Internet Day 2020, UNSW Canberra Cyber will be promoting cyber safety awareness on campus and has created a range of resources to help everyday Australian's improve their online safety and stay vigilant whilst using digital devices.

To access UNSW Canberra's digital resource package, click HERE. 

UNSW Canberra Cyber is leading national and international collaborative research projects, and educating and mentoring the next generation of Australian leaders and thinkers in the field.

Through training and education, UNSW Canberra Cyber is working to combat threats to national security, the economy and the safety of individuals due to the exploitation of information systems and the proliferation of social media platforms.

Never has the requirement for high-level cyber security expertise and knowledge been greater.

Learn more about a future in cyber HERE

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