Our school academic staff, Dewei Chu and Claudio Cazorla were successful in their recent ARC Linkage application for $422,881. Congratulation to both Dewei and Claudio.

Engineering Nanoionic Interfaces towards High Performance Cathode Coatings

Dewei Chu; Claudio Cazorla; Da-Wei Wang; Neeraj Sharma

This project aims to develop novel cathode coating materials towards more durable and powerful energy storage devices. Lithium ion battery will be constructed based on perovskite oxides to provide high capacity and stability for potential applications in electric cars, mobile phones and internet of things. The project will addressfundamental challenges in this field by developing high voltage cathode coated with nanoionic thin layers. Combined with new materials fabrication techniques and innovative strain engineering, the expected outcome ishigh performance cathodes with enhanced rate capability and cycling life, low fabrication cost and production scalability, Claudio stated.

Thank you to both Dewei Chu and Claudio Cazorla for the excellent research quality and impact that contribute toward UNSW Sydney is No. 1 in Research in Australia.