The awarded ARC grant ‘High-load powder dispersion and aerosol delivery: an integrated approach’ A/Professor Runyu Yang is pushing the limits of high load inhalers to deliver antibiotics for serious respiratory infections.

"It is estimated more than 200 million people worldwide suffer from asthma and other respiratory related disease such as COPD. Recent bushfire in Australia and the current COVID-19 pandemics pose a further risk to those people. This project will allow us to continue the long-term and fruitful collaboration (including two ARC DPs and an FDA fund) in this area and keep Australia as a leader in the international community of inhalation research. The support ($210K) and strategic alliance with Singmed, which has significant experience in liaising with inhalation aerosol product clients, will lead to new IPs and hence pull in significant commercial benefits to Australia" Runyu stated.

Thank you A/Prof Runyu Yang for the excellent research quality and impact that contribute toward UNSW Sydney is number one in Research in Australia!