Computer Science and Engineering graduate Hannah Beder has been named the NSW Harvey Norman Young Woman of the Year.

Hannah Beder has taken out the 2020 Harvey Norman Young Woman of the Year Award for her work mentoring young women looking to break into the tech industry.

Ms Beder, a computer scientist, is passionate about addressing the historical gender disparity in STEM by mentoring young women in the tech industry. She volunteers for Girls Programming Network, an all-female group that runs free programming workshops for high school girls.

Hannah began her journey at UNSW where in 2017 ​she won the UNSW Computer Science and Engineering Anita Borg prize for being a role model and mentor for other young women in computer science. She​ then also won the 2019 Rotary Young Urban Inspirational Woman of the Year.

Associate Professor Nadine Marcus ​supervised Ms Beder​'s Honours project at UNSW​and nominated her for UNSW 2017 Anita Borg award. She said: “Hannah has been an outstanding role model and mentor for other young women in computer science in NSW and Australia. It’s imperative that we all continue to encourage and champion young women in science and engineering so they can reach their full potential and benefit society.”