AGSM @ UNSW Business School has launched AGSM Virtual Learning Short Courses, a suite of practical and interactive learning experiences that equip leaders with practical knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied to their organisations.

The Virtual Short Courses are designed to address the unprecedented disruption impacting people and organisations today.

“Research conducted recently by demographer and strategist Mark McCrindle said that 90% of Australians felt personally affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, though it was heartening to hear that 32% expected positive benefits to emerge from it, including the ability to grow their knowledge and skills,” said Karen Rodrigues, Adjunct Faculty Member for AGSM @ UNSW Business School and Co-Program Director for the Leading with Resilience Virtual Learning Course.

Karen believes that right now is a great time for everyone to take stock of their current skillset and identify how leaders can incorporate professional development within their schedules. What skills, knowledge and capabilities are needed that will set organisations up for success, now and in the future? How can they build confidence and help future proof businesses to not just cope, but to thrive as they transition to working in virtual environments

Karen teaches across a number of AGSM MBA Programs, specialising in leadership and change and is the Director of the Krysalis Group consultancy that specialises in Change management and Leadership Development.

Being one of the expert AGSM adjunct faculty and industry practitioners who facilitate the new suite of Leadership in 2020 Virtual Learning Courses, Karen and her co facilitator Melanie Fisher will help participants to develop their resilience to take on new challenges and shape the future, unleash their full potential, by creating psychological capital to help overcome the complex challenges faced now and in the future through the demonstration of strong and resilient leadership.

“Strong leadership has never been more critical for organisations to address accelerating challenges in the workplace and realise the opportunities to invest in our own learning.” she says, “ AGSM has a range of short courses, that could serve as an investment in your employee’s development, demonstrating your commitment to their growth and serve as a personal commitment to your own evolution as a leader, employee, and/or corporate partner to embrace a new area of knowledge.”

Each Leadership in 2020 course runs for approximately 14 hours over a two-week period. Participants take part in live virtual workshops, action learning, and coaching designed to deliver immediate, measurable and enduring outcomes.

Participants will also receive a digital badge micro credential and points towards their AGSM Certificate of Executive Management and Development, a recognition of their commitment to lifelong learning, articulating towards select AGSM MBA Programs.

The new suite of “Leadership in 2020” Virtual Learning Courses include:

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