I'm a software engineer and a shy introvert. I prefer everything to be neat and organised, like the code I write. Honestly, I thought I'd hate the startup world because it seemed like an unpredictable mess. I didn't even know where to start. Donna Zhou
Participating in the Peter Farrell Cup completely changed my mind. Startup success can be engineered. 
It turns out that starting a company is remarkably similar to an engineering problem. There is a systematic and reliable approach to solving any startup challenge. If you like programming, you can think of this as a set of startup "algorithms" for repeatable success. Thankfully, startup algorithms are much simpler than the algorithms of COMP2521. 
It was a relief to discover that my engineering mindset could be applied to startups! I learned all of this during the Peter Farrell Cup, UNSW's largest entrepreneurship competition. As part of the program, teams receive extensive training and are matched with industry mentors. My team learned the hidden algorithms for identifying markets, developing our product, delivering investment pitches, and so much more. In a few weeks, my team will be pitching for a place at the grand final! 
If you have ever thought about running a company, why not start now? As an engineer, you're the most valuable person in any startup. Your technical expertise will give your product a competitive edge. Your engineering mindset and problem solving ability is a killer advantage. And you have access to amazing, free support through the UNSW Founders program. 
As we all suddenly have to spend more time indoors, now is the perfect time to start a company. Don't worry about whether you're ready. Initially, I did not have a single business idea and I did not have a co-founder. 
Is there a problem that annoys you? Is there a product that would make your life easier? Speak to friends about your idea. Once you commit to starting, you will be surprised by how quickly everything falls into place. 
You already have everything you need, so start now! 

If you would like to learn more about the UNSW Founders program, visit their website.

You can ask for free startup advice at any time. To find out more about the 2020 Peter Farrell Cup, please visit: https://www.founders.unsw.edu.au/get-involved/get-support-my-startup/peter-farrell-cup