• Undergraduate degree: first-class honours in Software Computer Engineering from Charles Sturt University
  • Current roles: fourth-year in PhD (part-time) and full-time software engineer at Canva
  • Supervisor: Scientia Professor Boualem Benatallah 
  • Research fields: Artificial Intelligence Security

Why did you choose UNSW Computer Science Engineering to undertake your research project? 

I chose UNSW because of its world-class educational reputation as well as great recognition internationally by industry. 

Can you tell us about your research project?

I am researching and developing a quality model for out-of-scope reports in bug-bounty platforms such as Hackerone. As part of this project I am building Deep Learning Document Modelling APIs to classify reports based on their vulnerability type and determine whether a report is in the scope program’s policy.

Why did you choose this particular project? 

Despite the increasing popularity of bug-bounty platforms from both industry and academia, there is little empirical evidence that exists to identify invalid reports. Invalid report identification is viewed as one of the main concerns for organisations that use or are thinking of using bug bounty platforms, as well as security researchers. 

What do you hope to achieve with your research?  

I hope to advance our fundamental understanding of invalid and noisy reports which can be helpful to develop techniques to triage invalid reports.

What are your goals after study? 

I hope I can have a good impact on industry based on my current research as well as continuing to work with UNSW on new challenging problems.