In the time of Covid-19 bringing people together and learning new skills is more important than ever! To do this the school has embarked on a range of zoom sessions for students and staff focusing extra curricular activities. These have included recent sessions mastering the in’s and outs of LinkedIn and a meditation and mindfulness workshop.

Meditation is an excellent way to promote mindfulness, ease anxiety and increase creativity. While we can’t practice together in the same serene room, we can thankfully meditate and share our experiences online. We were incredibly lucky to have Bernard Kelly an experienced meditation practitioner to facilitate a group meditation session amongst our students and staff via a Zoom call. Bernard had a wealth of excellent advice to help the participants create routines around mindfulness and led the group on a grounding meditation workshop.  

LinkedIn is a networking platform which allows the connection of professional contacts, information sharing, resume hosting and also includes a learning platform. It’s use is becoming increasingly important for our graduates to make professional connections and find great jobs and after several requests, Jeremy Platt the Student and Community Engagement Officer at the school created a workshop covering the essentials. Around 15 students attended this zoom LinkedIn session, stimulating some great questions and discussion.