• Previous qualifications:  Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Software in Science and Culture at the University in Tehran, Iran, and Masters of Science, Computer Science at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
  • Scholarship: Top-up scholarship from Data61
  • Supervisor: Prof. Mahbub Hassan 
  • Research fields: Theoretical computer science

Why did you choose UNSW Computer Science Engineering to undertake your research project?

I wanted to join UNSW’s Computer Science and Engineering because of their prestigious and research-intensive reputation.

What also persuaded me to join is the School’s extensive research partnerships, and the academics there are leaders in my research field.  

What project are you working on?

My research is on the next generation of wireless communication for mobile devices. In particular, I’m focusing on millimetre wave networks and beamforming for smart and wearable devices. 

Why did you choose this project?

I chose this project because of my background in wireless and mobile computing, and I felt I was a perfect match for this project.

Wireless networks is also a fascinating research field, and I can see that it has lots of promising future applications. 

What do you hope to achieve with this project?

I hope our new algorithm will make millimetre wave networks possible for mobile device communication. This will allow new applications, such as wireless VR/AR and ultra-fast online video streaming to be developed in the future. 

What are your goals after study?

The next step after this research is to implement and test the system in a practical setting. After this, I hope to work with industry to implement this technology and publish the outcome of this system prototype.